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Accendo’s approach

Prioritizes both people & performance.

We care about what you care about – success. We also know that successful outcomes come directly from your people—better leadership, increased sales, more productive meetings, and a more engaged team. Accendo is guided by five distinct principles of client engagement, each of which is focused on building a solid partnership with our clients.


We believe in building on what is working. By focusing on the strengths of your existing talent, we can identify how to make your organization more effective, productive, and profitable. See? You, only better.

You have specific goals, challenges, opportunities, strengths, and risks. We respect that, and we respect you enough to never direct you to a pre-packaged solution. We work to develop a strategy that reflects your unique vision, goals, and requirements because we want to give you what works for you—not something made for everyone else.
We develop key indicators at every stage of our process, helping you measure success, meet deadlines, and stay within budget. These metrics minimize risk and keep us both accountable.
There’s a big difference in knowing something needs to be done and having the resources or expertise to do it. We help you move from strategy to implementation by putting action behind your ideas and translating them into tangible results.
We partner with our clients to create a strategy that aligns existing talent and resources with organizational priorities. We are invested in your success and will execute on priorities that will get you to the next level faster.

We work with all levels of leadership

To solve any “people” challenge you’re facing.

Accendo partners with CEOs, COOs, high-potential leaders, HR executives, team leaders, managers, and sales leads to improve performance, find the right people, maximize profitability, and help foster a collaborative culture.

We have worked with:

  • Organizations where employee retention means as much as client retention
  • CEOs who need to streamline people, processes, and systems to increase profitability
  • HR professionals who want to find, attract, and retain the best talent
  • Managers who want the right people in the right roles, accomplishing big goals
  • Team leads who want collaboration and productivity to replace competition and negativity
  • Leaders who want to ensure they’re building a bench of talent for the future
  • Leaders who recognize that organizational culture goes hand-in-hand with employee engagement


“You helped us flesh out the true opportunities for us to perform better and become more profitable. We have notoriously “done what we’ve always done” instead of looking at things differently and discovering a different path forward. I know I speak for everyone when I say our wheels are now spinning! We left on such a high and feel excited moving forward.”


~ Associate Vice President, Private Equity and Venture Capital Consulting Firm

“Thanks for making us accountable. I am always amazed at how our team grows each time we meet with you. If it was not for you asking us the right follow up questions, today’s meeting would not have happened! We are fortunate to have Accendo as part of our team.”


~ CEO, Fortune 500 Company/Top 100 Places to Work

“Our company was growing at a fast pace. My primary responsibility was to ensure we were building a bench of talent for future growth. Accendo developed a talent strategy that helped me identify strong candidates both within and outside our organization, so I was ready when the need arose.”


~ Vice President of Human Resources, Oil & Gas Services Company

“We are excited to implement the things we learned during the training session. Everything was extremely valuable and the more we learn about each other, the better our team becomes.”


~ Regional Manager, Fortune 500 Company/Top 100 Places to Work

“Learning about my Strengths, and the Strengths of my direct reports, has helped me be a better manager, and has helped our group become much more collaborative and effective. I can’t wait to take our knowledge and application of Strengths to the next level and see what else we will accomplish.”


~ Senior Manager, National Accounting Firm

“As Board Chair, I needed to find a new CEO to lead our organization. Accendo’s thorough process not only found and professionally vetted three extremely strong candidates, your coaching helped us focus our talent assessment ensuring the best professional fit for our organization. We couldn’t be happier with the hire.”


~ Board Chair, Education/Nonprofit

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