Marti Jordan

Vice President of Research & Development

Marti Jordan connects ideas to innovative solutions.

As Accendo’s Vice President of Research and Development, Marti works closely with executive leadership to turn concepts into useful information by developing systems, reports, and processes that effectively bring data to life. With a keen eye towards both creative and logical solutions, Marti is always looking for ways to help clients gain deeper insights, streamline their processes, and meet their goals more efficiently. She develops customizable tools for operational budgeting, forecasting, client management, and more. In addition, she has created and deployed an array of customized web-based surveys and systems that help clients examine, assess, and analyze all aspects of employee engagement.

Prior to joining Accendo, Marti served as Director of Online Curriculum with Clear Channel (now iHeartMedia) University, developing and implementing over 100 online training and certification programs that benefited more than 100,000 participants. She is a past charter member of the Scarborough Research Advisory Council, and certified by The Gallup Organization, the Creative Problem Solving Institute, the Human Performance Institute, New York University’s Leadership and Development Program, and Second City Communications.

In her role, Marti partners with Accendo clients by focusing on:

  • Data and research
  • Customized Excel budget/revenue analysis
  • Excel user interface design and programming
  • Surveys, presentations, reports, and analytics
  • Curriculum and plan development
  • Graphic editing (both raster and vector)

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