Mentoring Matters

May 7, 2019 | News

Organizations often view internship programs as more work than reward. We disagree. Having a structured internship program to mentor a high performer can bring great value to both the mentors and mentee.

Last month, our Accendo team was fortunate to host Jordan Fenske as part of her school’s leadership program. We worked to establish goals, expectations, structure for the program, and included her in a variety of meetings and projects. She helped us conduct valuable research and outline a critical path for an internal Accendo project.

Jordan deserves our community spotlight for providing a fresh perspective and an inquisitive maturity beyond her age. Our experiences with Jordan were meaningful and impactful for our team… she made US better. We would love to hear ways you are including interns in your organization and how they add fresh perspective to your teams, as well as how your organization is helping future leaders find ways to spark their career choices.



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