Corporate Longevity

May 7, 2019 | Accelerate, Leadership Lounge

Considering that most small businesses fail in the first year and only half of small businesses hit the 5-year mark, Accendo International is proud to reach its tenth anniversary in May 2019. As we celebrate this milestone, we’ve put thoughtful consideration into key elements we view as making any business successful.

In a recent quarterly team session, our leadership converged for strategic planning, brainstorming, and old-fashion team building. Throughout the intense three days, conversations turned to this anniversary and what it means to the company, our team, and our combined and individual futures. We realize that our 10th year in business can be visually represented with aluminum or tin – both are malleable and flexible. And similar to the properties that make up those chemical elements, we, too, have learned to remain flexible in an ever-growing – and changing — business market.

In the areas of business where machines cannot compete, people skills are essential. Those soft skills are where Accendo thrives and has become an industry expert. Over the last ten years, we have watched as human capital management has evolved from a “buzzword” to a critical component of organizational strategy, employee engagement, and workforce alignment. Savvy companies who want to recruit and retain the best talent understand that a few key elements – all focused around the human aspect of teams – are what helps drive innovation and success.

Be Flexible

What do your company, team, and clients need? Do they need the same things today that they did last week, last month, last year? Doubtful.

As business markets change, businesses must be flexible and responsive without sacrificing quality and standards. Oftentimes, leaders create strategies that worked brilliantly…five years ago, and mistakenly repeat those once-valuable strategies hoping for those once-positive results. Flexibility is about evolution – learning and growing from professional experiences and valuable input from your team and your clients.

Flexibility requires agility – emotionally, mentally, and physically. Understanding cost-effective and productive ways to remain agile is key to a stable organization.

Choose Purpose over Profit

What is purpose? Purpose is your organization’s brand, its mission…it is the overtly stated WHY we get out of bed each day. This is not to suggest that profit should not be a priority, but if it is the ONLY priority, many key benefits related to the human-aspect of organizations are lost. Remembering that the people are essential to earning a profit and that a defined, clear, shared PURPOSE is essential to talented and driven people will help organizations reach a higher level of success.

A company that has a defined purpose is more likely to achieve its goals, retain employees, secure target customers, and increase its profit. Why? Because once a vision is communicated and shared, a company will attract like-minded employees who become vital business partners that deliver a high-value product or service to a defined customer base.

According to Bersin Research, more than 80% of employees who work for an organization with a strong sense of purpose are confident that their organizations will continue to grow. Employees who see themselves as essential to the organization’s current purpose and key drivers of its long-term purpose, will help drive profits. So, remember to focus on what motivates employees if you want your organization to experience longevity.

Put People First

The common theme in all great organizations – PEOPLE come first. At the heart, soul, and brains of any successful organization, the people are the key to surviving and thriving in business. The old-school approach to bottom line, financial focus is truly becoming a concept of the past. Employees want leaders who can seamlessly discuss business and catch up on personal matters without the conversation becoming awkward. Back in the day, leaders may have done okay to have superficial conversations while waiting for meetings to begin. The agile leaders of today have learned how to not only effectively communicate an organization’s vision and purpose, but they can also align how the team plays into that vision, all while knowing where team members went on vacation or what significant family celebrations occurred.

This type of approach to leadership helps build essential relationships and allows leaders to be trusted. Trust is a key foundation of any organization and any relationship for growth and development. Trust allows people to feel vulnerable without feeling weak.

Over the last ten years, we have learned to trust ourselves and others to grow, learn, and develop into a stable and thriving organization. Thank you for being a part of our journey – whether as a client, friend, or social media follower. We hope to have many more human experiences each and every day and to learn from each of you.



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