Ordinary or Extra Ordinary Onboarding: You decide.

Feb 18, 2019 | Acquire, Leadership Lounge

Welcoming Talent for Maximum Impact

Remember when you accepted the job offer that you are in right now? Remember how excited and empowered you felt about a new beginning? What feelings, thoughts, and emotions did you have when your alarm went off to start your official Day 1? Eager, excited, maybe even a little anxious? I would propose you had one of two experiences: Ordinary or Extra Ordinary.

Ordinary Experience
  • You arrive early to your new company (to be safe, you “guess” 8 am) and you’re greeted by someone desperately trying to find your hiring manager (“and WHO is your new manager, by the way?”). Come to think of it, you haven’t had interaction from anyone since you accepted the position a few weeks ago
  • In an effort to be helpful, they try to locate your office. When they finally find it, you realize it looks just like it did when the last person left
  • The rest of the day is lonely, filled with orientation mechanics: paperwork, tech support, security, processes and procedures, etc.
  • Finally, your first day is done. You’re exhausted and don’t feel connected to your new company. Not only do you feel like you’re in a fog, but even worse – you wonder if you made the right decision

Ta-da! You just experienced most company’s Ordinary Onboarding

OR…you could have this:

Extra Ordinary Experience

Prior to Day 1
Upon accepting the offer, you’re immersed in a constant stream of activity from your soon-to-be new company:

  • A welcome package arrives at your home, with goodies to share
  • You receive a care package with company swag
  • Your professional toolkit arrives… complete with your new business cards … so as soon as you tell your friends and business associates about your new opportunity, you can proudly give them a new business card
  • You receive an email from your new teammates welcoming you to the team, so some familiarity can start to cultivate
  • Most importantly, a detailed itinerary outlining your first day: what time to meet your hiring manager at the office, and all the specifics on parking, building access, security clearance, etc.
  • And maybe even…yard signs, company Facebook or Instagram posts, video welcomes… And that’s before you even start

Day 1

  • You walk in the door, your hiring manager is there waiting to greet you, proud to introduce you and happy to show you around
  • And there’s your office: it looks like it has been waiting for you, just like a loyal Labrador at the end of a long day. Everything is cleaned, organized, and ready for “you”
  • You have a computer that’s ready for tech support to get you access ASAP (because they knew you were starting that day)
  • You go through HR, IT, and Security’s paperwork and necessities, and each is prepared for you
  • The day is spent with people who are prepared and excited to have you join in the conversations and meetings
  • Your hiring manager then walks you through what the next stage of your onboarding will look like, which includes an opportunity to see the company from both a macro and micro view, introductions to key constituents, understanding 30-60-90 day expectations, support, feedback, and guidance
  • Your new team members (or manager) take(s) you to lunch
  • Lucky you! You just experienced Extra Ordinary Onboarding

Onboarding starts at the word “YES”. It is about creating optimism and enthusiasm about the decision to join your company. (“THIS is why I accepted the position!” versus “WHY did I accept this position?”).

Remember, people join companies and they leave managers. Doing everything in your power to connect emotionally to your new hire from YES, not only increases an employee’s engagement, it creates a solid foundation of dedication and pride from day 1.

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