Finding the Right Talent is More than Just Hiring

Feb 18, 2019 | Acquire, Leadership Lounge

Your 2019 strategic plan is complete, resources aligned, and deadlines looming. Yet you have a problem: there are critical talent gaps in your organization. We get it – you’ve been thoughtful and strategic searching within the organization to fill these roles. Yet the reality exists, there are vital positions to fill that are key to your plan’s success, and you need help. Often, determining what you need and how you will hire this role is a daunting process.

At Accendo, we curate a search process for every role our firm is engaged to find. Why? Because every role is different and your company is continuously evolving. We advocate that you take the time up front to objectively look at where you need talent to drive outcomes, versus just fill a position.

Our detailed Talent Acquisition process includes these recommendations:


Develop a role profile rather than a job description that includes:

  • Talent competencies required to be successful – these are the behaviors this person must demonstrate consistently and effectively
  • Critical areas of impact this person will make in the organization – these become your role expectations
  • Non-negotiables this person must have such as certifications, specialties, education, expertise, etc.

Cast a wide net to find the best. This does not mean “one size fits all.” Each role you fill will vary and so will the way you find talent. Active candidates are currently looking for jobs and will apply for your open roles, but know that many “passive” candidates are out there as well. Passive candidates aren’t looking. They don’t typically have a resume polished up and ready to go. And these passive candidates may be the key to your organization’s success. Conduct your search to include both active and passive candidates.

  • Active candidates – think about what they read, listen to, take part in – such as blogs, groups on LinkedIn and jobs boards. These are places you should post your position. You have to be creative to cut through a very crowded world so your opportunity stands out.
  • Passive candidates – use the role profile to begin identifying people matching the competencies and role expectations. Passive candidates need a more targeted approach that opens like a conversation. Might be via email or even a phone call. They don’t know what they don’t know, and your goal is to spark an interest that leads to more formal interaction in the search process. 

Assess the fit – within the role, team, and organization. Our Accendo Talent Acquisition team tackles this by conducting multiple stages of interviews that create deeper, more meaningful conversations. When these conversations occur with multiple people and throughout the interview process, they paint a picture of the candidate and help answer questions, such as:

  • How the candidate would be successful in the role
  • Why the candidate is interested in the role
  • How their experience and capabilities match the role
  • What new perspectives this person would bring to the organization
  • What I will need to do to help this person succeed

Finding the right talent takes time. Our clients typically ask: “How soon can we expect to find someone?” Our answer jokingly (not jokingly): “We can find you a warm body by Monday, but finding the right talent for this role will take time.”

We promise that having a proven search process in place and spending the time finding the most valuable talent and the best fit is totally worth the effort.



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