A New Year’s Resolution: Create a Feedback Culture

Jan 16, 2019 | Accelerate, Leadership Lounge

It’s a new year, and a chance for a new you. How about making a difference in the lives of your people and your organization? Creating a work environment that promotes a culture of giving and receiving feedback not only provides a competitive advantage to your company, it improves employee performance and behavior.

Positive and critical feedback provides the useful and valuable information to changing behaviors and improving performance. Promoting a culture of feedback signals to your employees that you believe in trust and transparency and that individual contributions and professional development matter.

As you will read later in this newsletter, we believe feedback is specific and intentional, not an annual performance review, or the occasional praise or blame in the moment. True feedback is continuous observation with thoughtful assessment and conversation. Feedback changes behavior by deepening relationships and providing opportunities for growth. Since we know feedback is this important, then everyone must be doing it, right? Wrong. See the concerning statistics below.

According to a survey conducted by Officevibe, 63% of employees don’t feel like they get enough feedback. Want more proof? According to Globoforce’s Workforce Mood Tracker ™ survey, employees report being more motivated, working harder, and staying longer at a company where they receive feedback and recognition.

  • 69% of employees would work harder if they were better recognized at work
  • 78% of U.S. workers said being recognized motivates them in their job
  • 49% of employees said they would leave their current job for a company that clearly recognized employees for their efforts and contributions
  • Among respondents who stated they plan to search for a new job this year, only 24% are satisfied with the level of recognition they receive at work. Conversely, 63% of employees who have no plans of leaving are satisfied with their level of recognition.
  • 65% of employees satisfied in their roles said they would also work harder if they were better recognized at work.

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