Accendo is a people-focused strategic partner, catalyst for growth, and trusted advisor for mid-sized businesses, Fortune 100 companies, and nonprofit organizations.


Individuals. Teams. Organizations.

Accendo comprehensively evaluates individuals, teams, and entire organizations to gain insights that drive better decisions.

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“Gaining insights through Accendo’s Team Survey really opened my eyes. I was shocked at how much was uncovered, and now have a much better understanding of the ‘pulse’ of our organization. I now see changes that need to be made – by myself and others – in order to ensure better teamwork and stronger employee engagement. Honestly, I have never felt the need to change. Now I can’t wait to do so. Thank you for your insight, patience, support, and guidance through this process.”

~ Operations VP, Manufacturing


Organizational Strategy. Talent Alignment. Change Management.

Accendo brings visions and goals into alignment with the talent and tools needed to succeed.

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“The session was tactical and real world – that was highly valued by our employees. Their patience for the theoretical wears down over time, and your skill as a facilitator kept the meeting moving, kept the fellows engaged, and the time spent with your team was extremely productive.”

~ Managing Partner, Private Equity


Search. Recruitment Strategies. Employment Branding.

Accendo connects organizations with exceptional talent, finding the right people for executive, middle-management, and other high-value roles.

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“We were hiring for one position, and you sent us FIVE qualified candidates. Now we want to find positions for all five of them. Accendo knocked it out of the park, once again. Thank you for your partnership and your commitment.”

~ COO, Global Industrial Services


Growth. Performance. Development.

Accendo maximizes the performance of talent, teams, and leadership to find the point of impact between each—building on what is working to accelerate growth.

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“Our sales team has kicked into a different gear! It’s like the lightbulb went on and they now have more clarity on “how” to reach their goals, along with the confidence to get there. And best of all, I have learned a more effective way to lead and bring out the best in each of them.”

~ President, Oil & Gas

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For you, your team, and your organization’s potential.

Accendo works as an extension of your team to address all of your human capital needs.


Experts in People-Driven Success

We are an experienced team of executives, focused on your greatest asset – your people.

Kimberly Cutchall

President and CEO

Julie Thompson

Vice President of Operations

Marti Jordan

Vice President of Research and Development

Leanne Coben

Director of Marketing and Operations

Erin Rideaux

Director of Client Services

Rea Summers

Director of Learning and Development


9 Ways to Put People First

CEO Spotlight:  Kimberly Cutchall The number nine (9) is a significant number. In some cultures, the number nine is revered and represents longevity, patience, and creation. The number nine is also considered the number of magic and the symbol of wisdom and good...

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Mentoring Matters

Organizations often view internship programs as more work than reward. We disagree. Having a structured internship program to mentor a high performer can bring great value to both the mentors and mentee. Last month, our Accendo team was fortunate to host Jordan Fenske...

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